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Chinese boxes and baskets are derived from a multitude of very practical applications. They were used for tea, opium, pillows, gift giving, food containers, artist and scholars’ supplies, bathing and an array of other household chores.

Most are ingeniously engineered using a minimum of raw material resources and many are highly decorative as well a utilitarian.

Box and basket decoration is often informative in identifying and dating individual pieces.

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Willow Basket

Handwoven  willow basket in natural color with wood branch handle.  

Measurements 17" high x 16" wide.
Shipping (info): $12.00 Item: 1226a

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Handwoven Green Basket

This beautiful green hand woven, painted basket is great for holding anything from towels to magazines.

Measurements 23 1/4" high x 15 3/4" wide.

Shipping (info): $15.00 Item: 1219

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Wooden Trays

Another tray from our large selection of antique wood trays, this one is especially nice. Made fro Poplar wood, it has all the old iron metal braces intact. This Chinese antique is great for displaying your seasonal decor items.

20" wide x 10" deep x 2" high

Shipping (info): $22.50 Item: traywj520

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Wooden Pillow Box

This cute little wooden pillow box was used to sleep on while valuables were kept inside. The top of the pillow box is curved and there is a latch on the side to keep valuables secure. 116c /

Measurements 5 3/4" high x 13 5/8" wide x 5 1/2" deep
Shipping (info): $23.75 Item: 116d


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Antique Scroll Box

This beautiful antique Chinese scroll box was used for storing important papers calligraphy scrolls and ancestral portraits.  Hand painted chrysanthemum and cherry blossom flowers, grapes and butterflies on the side,  the top slides open, constructed from Poplar wood.

Early 20th century from the Shanxi Chinese Province

7.5" high x 38" wide x 7.5" deep

Shipping (info): $62.00 Item: FS2857


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Antique Rice Bucket

This is a charming antique Chinese household rice bucket with a lid. There is a painted gold design on the cover. From the early 20th century, this rice box was once used to transport rice.

8.5" high x 10" round;

Shipping (info): $20.00 Item: BXSS1450

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Antique Wooden Wash Basin

Beautiful old wooden wash basin from rural China. There are five legs that ingeniously raise and add support to the basin. This antique Chinese wash basin has a wonderful green coloring.


14.5" high x 21.5" round

Shipping (info): $22.50 Item: FS1414

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Painted Mongolian Antique Box

This great old large box / small trunk is an antique from Mongolia, circa 1930's-1950's. The large box is painted with tradition Buddhist symbolism. The top half portion of the lid opens. It is made of Poplar wood.

19" high x 28" wide x 16" deep

Shipping (info): $85.50 Item: bxss626

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19th Century Wooden Gift Box

These fine gift boxes of wood and lacquer are all but gone now. We managed to find a few in excellent condition from circa 1800's, from the Shanxi or Shaanxi Province. Notice the finely woven rattan decoration inset into the wood. Boxes like these were used for gift giving during the marriage contract and at other important events.  Of elmwood, bamboo and lacquer.

7" high x 14" round

Shipping (info): $40.00 Item: bxyf1205

Price: $200.00
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Antique Chinese Wedding Basket

A three tiered, stacking wedding basket from early 20th century China.  Of wood and bamboo, baskets like this were stuffed with homemade treats for the wedding party.  Each was hand painted with a unique design.

13" high x 10" wide and deep.


Shipping $40 (info)  ke14


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