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Chinese Furniture

Red Lacquer Shanxi Cabinet

This Chinese antique red lacquer cabinet is one of our favorite pieces. It is from early to mid 19th century Shanxi Chinese province and is in all original condition. Scholars and court officals adorn the lacquered doors. The quality construction and painting indicate this cabinet was the property of a wealthy family.

63 1/2" high x 47" wide x 21" deep

Shipping Apprx. (info): $320.00. Call for an exact quote to your location.
Item: cab1022(b)

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Ming Elmwood Bench

Ming-style hardwood bench circa 1850 or older. This Chinese antique bench is in original condition with great old lacquer patina.   Nearly  impossible to find an item like this for any price in China nowadays!

This bench is from the Zhejiang  Province in Southern China.

21.5" high x 49.5" wide x 12" deep

Shipping (info): $150  Item: bej8

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19th Century Wooden Window Screen

This Chinese antique window screen was carved circa early 1800's or earlier of elm wood. It is hand carved in the early Ming style of a scalloped and floral pattern.

35 3/4" high x 36" wide x 1 3/4" deep

Shipping (info): $121.25 Item: scr1025


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Antique Mongolian Trunk

Mongolian trunk on legs, early 20th century Northern Gansu or Mongolia.  The fun and lively painting makes this a show piece for any home.  Constructed of poplar and pine it has been modified to be front opening and original top opening has been sealed.   Three drawers and interior give you plenty of storage.

35" high x 41" wide x 18" deep


Price: $850.00
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Natural Kang Cabinet

Antique Chinese kang cabinet with original finish stripped for a natural modern look.  Circa 1930's PRC has plenty of usable inside storage.

55" wide x 25" high x 18" deep.


Price: $780.00
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Pair of Small Horseshoe Chairs

Late nineteenth early twentieth century horseshoe shaped chairs with carved back support panel.  Elmwood. Original finish. Priced for the pair.

20 1/2 wide x 25 3/4 high x 20 1/2 deep


Price: $780.00
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Chinese Coffer

Seven drawer, 2 door early 20th century Chinese coffer in very good condition.  Brass hardware.

55 wide x 35 high x 21 1/4 deep


Price: $1,300.00
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Wooden Stool with Rattan Top

Mid Century Chinese. Elm wood and Rattan. Sturdy piece.

18 1/4 wide x 13 1/2 high x 14 deep



Price: $200.00
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Beech Wood Tea Table

This tea table from Hebei, China is 80 to 100 years old.  The original lacquer has been stripped and refinished in a natural tone.

Made of beech wood.

14 1/2 wide x 32 1/2 high x 14 1/2 deep


Price: $240.00
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Pair of Shandong Arm Chairs

Remarkable pair of Shandong chairs of locust wood with original finish.  Circa 1880-1900;

These are in excellent condition for age.

24 wide x 8 1/2 high x 20 deep



Price: $2,250.00
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