Benches & Stools

Chinese Antique Bench
Stools were the primary seating in most Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) homes, chairs being reserved for the very wealthy. They often contained space for storage as well.

Benches were more commonly found in public places such as theatres and temples. Generally speaking, older stools and benches are lower to the ground and became higher with successive years and European influence.

Style, shape and joinery techniques varied by region and province. These regional differences coupled with woods used help us identify age and province of origin for most of these antique Chinese stools and benches.

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Benches and Stools

Ming Elmwood Bench

Ming-style hardwood bench circa 1850 or older. This Chinese antique bench is in original condition with great old lacquer patina.   Nearly  impossible to find an item like this for any price in China nowadays!

This bench is from the Zhejiang  Province in Southern China.

21.5" high x 49.5" wide x 12" deep

Shipping (info): $150  Item: bej8




Wooden Stool with Rattan Top

Mid Century Chinese. Elm wood and Rattan. Sturdy piece.

18 1/4 wide x 13 1/2 high x 14 deep



Price: $200.00

Small Wooden Stools

Now hard to find, small wooden stools were ubiquitous in Chinese households and workshops, Early twentieth century elmwood available in pairs (priced per each) either square or rectangular

13 1/4 w x 11 1/4 h x 13.25 d

16 w x 12 1/2 h x 11 d


Price: $190.00

Ming Style Chinese Bench

This Ming Style bench could function as a coffee table. Solid one piece rough hewn top. Elmwood. Comprised of old and new parts. Excellent Condition.


66 3/4w x 20 1/2 h x 20 d

item# be701

This Item is Sold.


Price: $400.00

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