Antique Chinese Wooden Screens
The hallmark of an educated and cultured household, carved floor screens were used throughout the 18th and 19th century Chinese home.   Whether displayed in the scholars’ library or the highly ranked wives’ chambers, the screens conveyed distinction and were a subtle display of wealth and status.   They usually depicted the four symbols of culture; writing, music, calligraphy and painting.

The carved window screen usually lined the main and upper courtyard areas of the home as a means of ventilation in the summer months.  In colder months, the screens would  be covered from the inside with silk or paper.   We have a wonderful selection of both floor and window screens. All are antique from the 18th-early 20th centuries.

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Walnut Four Panel Screen

This is the very best antique screen we have ever had!  It is constructed of hand-carved walnut. The four panels each depict a unique floral arrangemnt scene.  It is in completely original condition including the original finish. Circa 1800-1850 from the Shanxi  Province 83" high x 64" wide. Each panel is 16" wide.

Shipping (info): $230.00  Item: scwj812

Price: $1,250.00
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Pair of Wooden Door Screens

A pair of Chinese antique door screens in elm wood, circa 1900, in perfect condition. These are a great architectural accent! Install them as room dividers or use them outside as a garden accent. Price is for one pair.

84" high x 22" wide x 2" deep


Shipping (info): $180.00 Item: scrt823

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Carved Four Panel Screen

This beautifully carved set of four panel screens is from mid 19th century Shanxi Province.  Each panel displays a scholarly endeavor; painting, calligraphy, music and writing. Original finish.

Measurements: each panel is 66 3/4" high x 19" wide x 2" deep.
Total length with all four panels together is 76" wide.

Shipping (info): $250.00  Item: j8


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19th Century Wooden Window Screen

This Chinese antique window screen was carved circa early 1800's or earlier of elm wood. It is hand carved in the early Ming style of a scalloped and floral pattern.

35 3/4" high x 36" wide x 1 3/4" deep

Shipping (info): $121.25 Item: scr1025


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Pair Shanxi Window Screens

A wonderful (and vanishing) pair of mid 19th century window screens from Shanxi or Shaanxi Province. Of Elmwood and in excellent condition.

31" high x 29" wide x 2" deep

Shipping apprx. $100


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Pair of Carved Window Screens

Our last pair of carved window screens.  From late 19th or early 20th century these screens are composed of small wood pieces, hand carved and precisely fit together.   The screens were covered with paper in the warmer months and  fabric in the winter.   Hung as artwork, they give a clean, contemporary look to your decor.

32" high x 19" wide x 1" deep; of poplar wood.

Shipping apprx. $30

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