Boxes & Baskets

Chinese boxes and baskets are derived from a multitude of very practical applications. They were used for tea, opium, pillows, gift giving, food containers, artist and scholars’ supplies, bathing and an array of other household chores.

Most are ingeniously engineered using a minimum of raw material resources and many are highly decorative as well a utilitarian.

Box and basket decoration is often informative in identifying and dating individual pieces.

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Boxes and Baskets

Handwoven Baskets- Mid Twentieth Century

Pair of handwoven baskets such as these were used by fishermen. Priced per pair. Approx 80 years old

small: 6 diameter x 9 high,

medium: 8 diameter x 11 high


Price: $60.00

Thai Red Lacquer Offering Tray

Offering tray used by Buddhist monks in Thailand and Burma is made from lacquer over wicker and wood. In excellent condition.

Mid twentieth century. Exceptional value.

16.5 diameter x 10 1/4 high



Price: $240.00

Mid Nineteenth Century Food Carrier

Rare stacking food carrier in mint condition with all original iron hardware dates back to the mid 1800s northern China.

25 1/2 wide x 22 1/2 high x 14 1/2 deep

Item# bb252

Price: $430.00

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