Small Cabinets

Orange Chinese Antique Cabinet
Having a wider application in the classical Chinese household, small cabinets were more varied in shape and size than larger cabinets.

Generally, plainer cabinets with less ornamentation were popular in the North while the Southern Provinces of Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangsu produced painted and carved pieces.

Their original uses were similar to our use of these same antique cabinets today. Many were originally locking and contained hidden hiding spaces for valuables. Style, shape and joinery techniques varied by region and province. These regional differences coupled with woods used help us identify age and province of origin for most of these unique antique Chinese cabinets.

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Small Cabinets

Early 19th Century Buddha Cabinet

In original condition the lacquer on this "Fui Gui" is in great shape. Northern China. Exceptional piece. Over 175 years old.

35 1/4 wide x 37 high x 22 1/2 deep

Item# chicab353

Price: $450.00

Tibetan Snow Lions Cabinet

Mid Century Tibetan Snow Lions Cabinet with two doors.  Excellent condition.

36 1/4 w x 26.1/2 h x 18 d

Ticab 186

Price: $1,050.00

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